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How to maintain a ball press briquette machine

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During the maintenance process of the ball press briquette machine, it is inevitable that some parts of the equipment will be disassembled, repaired or replaced. After disassembly, the cleaning and maintenance of other parts are often ignored. This requires regular inspections of the whole machine. Clean the internal dust and ensure the good condition of all parts in the ball press briquette machine:

(1) Check the wear condition of the triangular liner, bearing, screw, nozzle and other parts inside the fuselage, clean it up, and replace the bearing grease.

(2) Open the inspection cover of the reducer and check the gear engagement and wear status.

(3) Check whether the foundation and safety bolts are loose, and tighten them.

(4) If there is a large pressure change in the oil pressure of the oil cylinder, new oil should be injected in time.

(5) If oil leakage is found in the hydraulic system during operation, it should be shut down immediately and restarted after the oil leakage is repaired.

(6) After the disassembled parts are cleaned, the small detail of adding lubricating oil will be ignored during installation. After the parts are cleaned, lubricating oil must be added during installation to install.

(7) When installing the parts, often neglect to check the parts, which will cause unnecessary failures of the ball press equipment. When installing the parts, you must check first to check whether the parts are worn or not. The wear phenomenon must be replaced in time.

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