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Introduction and feather of box type microwave vacuum net belt dryer machine

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1. Product Introduction

1. This coal charcoal briquettes box dryer is mainly drying charcoal ball ,coal ball ,iron ball , shisha briquette and others ,after briquette ,the ball have moisture ,can't use directly .after drying can use directl y as fuel or smelting.
2.we have produce mesh belt dryer more than 30 years.and exported a lot of machine to the world.hope you visit our factory and see the working site.
3.Mesh belt dryer is mainly directly convey pressed finished ball on flat conveyor through conveyor, and uniformly distributes finished ball on dryer through scraper blade at upper end of flat conveyor, thus improving air permeability of ball, further reaching drying effect. 

2. The feature of box microwave dryer machine

1.The air energy dryer is used to remove moisture from the newly formed briquette.
2.It consists of a drying chamber, air compressor, condenser, PLC panel, fan, temperature and humidity sensor.
3.With a cooling system, the unit temperature can be between 8 ° C and 80 ° C.
4.The difference between a heat pump and an electric heating tube is that the heat pump is very energy-efficient, and the power consumption is much lower than that of the electric heating tube, so that more cost can be saved.

5.We support the customized the different size and material (304 SUS).

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