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The reason why we need metallic ore pellet

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In the industrial manufacture, metallic ore pellet is very popular. In the process of smelting metal, if the raw material is metallic ore powder, workers should press the powder into metallic ore pellet by ball press machine(briquette machine). The reason is explained below.

During the process of smelting metal, the metallic ore should be heat in the stove. The raw meterial metallic ore powder could not be heated directly in the stove. The metallic ore powder is too fine to cause the blast of stove. There are several advantages of using metallic ore pellet during the process of smelting. Firstly, it is benefit of exhausting waste gas. Then, it is benefit of oxygen enter the stove. Finally, it could keep the temperature of stove uniform.

Our main product is briquette machine. It not only could turn charcoal powder into charcoal briqutte, but alse could turn metallic ore powder into metallic ore pellet. If u need it,please feel free to contact with us.

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