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What should I do if the ball sticks to the ball press machine? What are the reasons and solutions for sticky balls?

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In the processing of metallurgy, mining and municipal waste treatment industries, the ball press, as the main material forming equipment, has always been one of the main mechanical equipment researched and improved. High-quality ball presses can effectively and quickly process materials into Balls provide convenience for subsequent transportation and reprocessing. However, due to some reasons, many small partners will always experience ball sticking when using the ball press machine to produce. So what should I do if the ball press machine sticks the ball?

1. Reasons for ball sticking of ball press machine

1, Factors of ball press machine

(1) Ball and socket misalignment

The asymmetry of the counter rollers of the ball press, or the misalignment of the ball socket centers on the two rollers, is generally called ball socket misalignment. If the misalignment of the ball socket is not serious, the finished ball will have burrs. If the misalignment is serious, it will cause the finished ball to be unqualified and appear "deformed ball". Most of this kind of ball directly contacts the surface of the roller. It will stick to the roll skin at high temperatures.


 (2) the gap between the rollers

The improper adjustment of the roller gap by the ball press is also the main equipment factor that causes sticking. When the gap is too large, the material will produce ring-shaped deformation after being processed between the two rollers. This ring-shaped deformation will also stick to the roller skin and be difficult to fall off due to the large contact surface with the roller skin; If it is too small, it is easy to cause the two rollers to lock due to excessive friction and reduce the service life of the roller skin.


(3)Roll speed

The rotation speed of the roller of the ball press directly affects the output of the equipment and the residence time of the material in the ball socket after forming. When the counter-roller speed is too low, the material will be squeezed in the ball socket for a long time, and with time and temperature changes, sticky balls will appear; if the counter-roller speed is too fast, the hemisphere will increase and the ball formation rate will be increased. And the quality of the ball is reduced.

2, Material factors

(1) Material moisture

In the process of material ball formation, excessive water content inside the material is very unfavorable for ball removal. Excessively wet material will become viscous under high temperature extrusion, causing the increase of sticky balls and hemispheres, but too little water It will cause loose balls and no molding when demolding, so the moisture control of the material is very important.


 (2) Material adhesive

Some materials have poor binding ability, so a certain amount of adhesive will be added before extrusion, and too much adhesive is an important reason for sticking balls. When the material is extruded, the pores inside the material will be fully squeezed. At this time, the excess adhesive will be filled in the entire ball socket. Then, during the demolding process, it will be caused by the gap between the finished ball and the ball socket. Adhesive and sticky ball phenomenon.

2. The solution to the sticky ball of the ball press machine

1, Before production and processing, the ball press should be tested and inspected. When the ball socket is misaligned, the roller and the roller skin should be adjusted symmetrically according to the ball socket adjustment method of the ball press in time;


2, Set the correct pressure of the ball press. If the pressure is too small, the compression ratio will be insufficient, which will affect the density and strength of the ball, which is not good for demolding. If the pressure is too high, it will increase the load and energy consumption of the equipment and cause waste of resources;


3, When the material is proportioned, the moisture content should be controlled between 5% and 9%. Even if the material needs more moisture, the moisture content should not exceed 10%. At the same time, the selected adhesive should have The characteristics of good viscosity and strong wettability, and full consideration of its chemical composition and cost to determine the amount of use;


4, The impurity of the material will reduce the binding force between the particles during the compression process, resulting in the appearance of virtual balls during demolding, so the impurities in the material should be completely removed as far as possible;


5, When the ball is processed, the feed above the two rollers of the ball press should be sufficient, uniform and stable to ensure constant pressure on the roll gap, so that the ball is always in the full state, and ensure the ball rate and quality.

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