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Binder for coal briquette from ball press briquette machine

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Briquette is divided into civil briquette, industrial briquette and gas briquette. In actual production, their physical and chemical indicators and requirements are different, and the purpose of use is also different. Therefore, the added binder is also different, and the requirements for hot and cold strength are very different. Big. With the improvement of the mechanization level of the coal industry, the proportion of pulverized coal produced by coal cutters is very large, while in industrial production, lump coal is used more, which requires a good binder formula to ensure the production of industrial briquette .

The cost of adding binders for coal briquette production is between 15-40 yuan. Users of various formulations can buy them locally, and directly produce them in their own factories (all raw materials can be purchased locally). We are a manufacturer of production equipment. , The main thing is to do a good job in equipment manufacturing and services. The adhesive formula is all provided free of charge, no penny, no transfer fee, and no profit. It's not like some professional ones, who use adhesives for profit, professionally sell adhesives and professionally transfer formulas. It is our main purpose to serve our users wholeheartedly.

The factory welcomes all customers to bring materials to the factory for experimentation. Based on your coal sample, the engineer will make the experimental results for you to solve your worries (adhesive formulations are provided for free at the time of purchase)

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