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Coke powder material binder for ball press briquette machine

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In my country's metallurgy, coal industry, coke is a necessary bulk raw material for metallurgy, chemical industry, calcium carbide and other industries. Due to the continuous increase in coal prices, the coking coal is more than 1,000 yuan per ton, and the coke price is about 2,000 yuan, which undoubtedly increases the production of application enterprises. Cost; and my country’s annual coke output is more than 300 million tons, and the coke powder produced in the process of single crushing, transfer, loading and unloading and use exceeds 10 million tons; due to the use of better molding technology, a large amount of oil coke and blue carbon remaining powder are not Processing into pellets to replace part of the coke is the best way to reduce consumption, increase revenue and reduce expenditures in the chemical, calcium carbide, and metallurgical industries. As a result, based on the molding of industrial coal, gasification coal, and metal ore powder, our factory has successfully solved the key technology of coke powder extremely difficult to form (block, ball), and has many metallurgical, calcium carbide, Lime enterprise application.

Our company welcomes all customers to bring materials to our factory for testing, so as to relieve your worries, please remember: there is a good adhesive, and better equipment is needed for use, because high-quality equipment is stressful and works stably. High ball rate, good initial strength, saving the amount of adhesive, this is the prerequisite, this is the basis, so the two are equally important and indispensable, this is your guarantee of stable production. (Adhesive formula is provided free of charge when purchasing machine)

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