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Explaination of ball press machine

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Product describe:

Ball press machine is applied to press fine powder into ball shape briquettes. Such as ball shape coal briquettes; ball shape charcoal briquettes; ball shape iron briquettes, ball shape ore briquettes, etc. This ball briquette machine does not mean to only make ball shape briquettes, but also pillow shape, square shape. heart shape, round shape, etc. or other small shape briquettes.

Raw material:

The raw material of charcoal powder ball press machine can be coal powder, charcoal powder, metallic powder, iron scale, iron sludge, iron concentrate, raw material powder, manganese ore fines, slime peat, fireproof material, desulfurized gypsum

>1.Mateials size required before feeding into briquette machine,less than 3mm.If the size is larger than 3mm,it is necessary to crush into smaller size  for briquette;

>2.Moisture content:around 10%;


Final production:

>1.The finished products of charcoal powder ball press machine usually 20-60mm.

>.2The final products are smokeless, non-toxic, none peculiar and environmental protection.

>.3The shape can be Square, ball egg-shaped, round, oval, and column, strip-type, elliptic type,pillow type and other special shapes by customizing the matching molds.

Structure of machine:

>1, The feeding part, is used to feed material so that the material can feed to rolloer evenly ,it is drived by Spiral comprises electromagnetic motor. 

>2. The transmission part, main transmission system is: Motor - triangle belt - reducer - Open Gear - roll. 

>3. Forming part, mainly refers to the part of the host machine, its core part is roller.

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