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Metallurgical powder binder for ball press briquette machine

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According to statistics from the Ministry of Metallurgy, my country’s annual steel output has reached 400 million tons, and the associated secondary iron-containing resources (such as sintering dust removal ash, return ore, blast furnace dust removal ash, steel-making converter sludge and other iron-containing dust sludge) are about 1,000 per year. The iron content of these iron-containing dust sludge is as high as about 45%. Some companies return part of the iron-containing dust sludge to the sintering plant for use. However, it is extremely difficult to form the material with ordinary binders, resulting in ball-forming performance and sintered ore. The quality and air permeability are not up to the requirements of blast furnace applications. It can only be stored in the waste yard, which will pollute the environment and waste resources. Therefore, how to improve resource utilization, optimize the structure of blast furnace charge, improve the metallurgical properties of pellets, and solve the problem of existing pellets due to the quality of binders and iron-containing dust Reuse of powder materials and other issues, to achieve the circular development of the enterprise. Become the focus of research by industry research departments. For this reason, our factory has successfully developed a series of pellet bonding technology based on the characteristics of different mineral resources in our country and the experience of old users.

The use of sludge, sintering return ore, dust bag material, steel slag magnetic material, iron oxide scale and other iron-containing wastes and iron ore powder, manganese ore powder, Ming ore powder, and phosphate rock powder produced by processes such as sintering, ironmaking and steelmaking in the metallurgical industry Copper, lead, zinc and other mineral powders can be processed into cold-pressed pellets, and can be directly used for smelting blast furnaces, reduction furnaces, iron furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, etc. without sintering. The product can be used for 20-50 yuan per ton of adhesive. After drying, the cold strength is about 100 kg/ball, the high temperature resistance is not scattered at 1000 ℃, the particle size can be large or small, waterproof and moisture-proof, and natural curing. The by-products from the smelting industry can be processed to not only meet the needs of steel mills for slagging, but also turn the waste into steel again, thus realizing a virtuous cycle of the steelmaking process. Two tons of cold-pressed pellets containing more than 50% iron can produce one ton. The cold-pressed pellets are added in the steelmaking process at the right time to solve the refractory phenomenon in the steelmaking process, the melting point of the slag is reduced, and the good fluidity of the slag is ensured. The application of cold-pressed pellets can also reduce the consumption of iron and steel materials and the consumption of lime. It has been used in many industries such as ironmaking, steelmaking, and ironmaking furnaces.

Customer friends: If you have done research and various production conditions are available, you can bring the raw materials you need to our factory for experimentation, through the engineer’s ingredients and directly on the machine to make a pellet experiment, you can really see the pellets The whole process of production, relieve your worries, achieve success, and lay a good foundation for creating high benefits. (Adhesive formula is provided free of charge when purchasing machine)

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