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Shisha charcoal production line

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An example of productiuon line which could produce shisha charcoal


Material: Round wood, branch, square wood.

  • Production process: Crushing → Drying → Carbonizing → Recrushing → Mixing → Forming

  • The equipments of production line: Cutter crusher → Rotary drum dryer → Square carbonization furnace → Hammer mill machine → Wheel mill mixer and adhesive mixing bucket → Shisha briquette machine

  •  Our service: If you provide your detail, we could design suitable production line for you for free.

The detail  include:

  1. Type, size and moisture of your raw material.

  2. Your plant size.

  3. Your predicted output.

  4. Type and size of your final product.

   We could provide 3d diagram of your own design.