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Why we need to maintain and clean a ball press briquette machine?

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As we all know, we need maintain and clean it at a fixed period if we want to use a machine for a long time. After a ball press briquette machine keeps working for long time, it is necessary to clean it carefully in case some powdery material could stick between the rollers of the machine, which will influence briquetting and demolding effect.

Seriously, the workers who are in charge of operating a ball press briquette making machine should clean the briquetting equipment every day. In this way, the work of ball press briquette machine will be able to be more steady and its service life will get prolonged.  

What's more, sometimes the finished briquettes that are made by a dry powder roller-type briquette making machine are not uniform. When it occurs, we need to stop machine immediately. Then, check the rollers of the briquette machine first. If the pair of rollers are misplaced, we should adjust the them into the right position immediately. After all work is done, the briquette machine is allowed to be put into use again.

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